Alcohol And Smoking Policy

Smoking at the venue is permitted within designated areas. These designated areas will be clearly marked. Attendees are expected to follow all directions from the event coordinators and the venue management relating to smoking. Attendees are also expected to dispose of their cigarette butts appropriately and not leave them on the ground or in the greenery at the venue. The event coordinators and the venue management reserve the right to evict attendee(s) who fail to follow directions with respect to smoking.
The AWC 2018 is a BYO event. Alcohol consumption is permitted at the venue, and the event coordinators support the responsible consumption of alcohol throughout the event. However the venue management and the event coordinators will have the right to evict attendees who are intoxicated or disturbing the running of the event and /or other guests. For more information on the attendees’ rights and responsibilities please refer to the Code of Conduct.