Attendee Mobile Phone & Social Media Policy

The Australian Wiccan Conference 2018 is set aside as a weekend where attendees can immerse themselves in a magical time and place away from their mundane lives. The event coordinators prefer that mobile phone use is kept to a minimum.

Therefore we ask that phones or tablets not be used in public areas and that phones be set to silent at all times. There will be no use of phones or tablets allowed in workshops (unless a presenter is using it as a recording or playback device) and event coordinators would prefer that phones are not brought into any rituals.

We understand that some people will have specific needs to be in contact with the outside world during the weekend. If this is the case, please have a chat with the event coordinators and be discreet when making or receiving calls.
The event coordinators ask that there be no Facebook or Twitter (or other social media) updates posted regarding the AWC 2018 while the event is in progress. Please see the photo policy