Bickley Brook Recreation Campsite

Combined Covens has been holding their Spring camp at Bickley for 10+ years. The venue offers us both dorm and camping options in bushland that is only about 25 mins out of the City centre, so we get the best of both worlds. Bickley’s unique bush location provides an ideal escape from the city and provides the opportunity to experience the bush without travelling too far.


Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp can cater for most user groups. The dining room, meeting room and dormitories can be accessed by people in wheelchairs. The dormitories have designated wheelchair accessible ablutions.

The camp is located in a valley. This can make it difficult for all user groups to access all parts of the camp environment, but we take this into consideration when it comes to planing lectures and workshops.

Swimming in Bickley Reservoir

Swimming is not available all year round and we ask that parents with children be aware that there is a large body of unfenced water nearby.


Kookaburra dormitories

The dormitories are in close proximity to each other and are separated by a common grassed area.

The Kookaburra dormitories:

  • Are in the main part of the camp.
  • Sleep up to 64 people in bunk beds with eight bunks per quarter.
  • Have four sleeping areas (Marri, Banksia, Wandoo, Jarrah).
  • Have shared and disabled ablutions.
  • Have extensive covered verandas.


Billabong tent area

  • The Billabong tent area can sleep up to 40 people comfortably.
  • Shared external ablutions.
  • Available facilities include a gazebo (seats 25), wood campfire rings and gas barbecue.


Camp map

Dorm Outlay